Hi, I'm William. No, I'm not William Longtail, sorry, I'm just William, a human and I'm not telling you what my last name is even if you ask me a trillion times, but my name just happens to be the same as the character we're talking about. Strange!

Getting to the point, I'm planning to write an Angelina Ballerina fanfic featuring William. No not me! Though I do like to write self-inserts. Anyway enough joking around, at least for now.

This fanfic is based on the series Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps. What I plan to do in this fanfic is write of William moving to Camembert Academy just like Angelina and later Alice did. Angelina might be surprised but will be happy to see him again.

Oh but wait a minute, William is still in love with Angelina. So he is definately happy to see her! William really wants Angelina, but there is something, or someone standing in his way: Marco, my most favorite character in the series and most favorite mouse in the world.

William loves Angelina but so does Marco and they both want her, but they both cannot have her, so it's one or the other!

So it's William verses Marco. And only one of them is going to get Angelina and the other is going to get downright disappointed! The question is "Who?" I know who but I'm leaving it to be found out by my readers.

But before I can write this story, first and foremost I need to watch the original Angelina Ballerina series, the preC.G.I. version in otder to know more about William, and other things about this show. And I am planning to watch it on Netflix come next month or the month after.

Next I need a plan on how I'm going to write this story and write it good.

Until then, please enjoy the fanfic I wrote "The Camembert Academy Fire Drill," my first Angelina Ballerina fanfic ever and availible on

I wonder what William would have looked like on Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps. Maybe someone will do an artist rendition of him. I might but if I do it'll take imagination and creativity. Someone else can do it too.

I also plan to write a song-fic featuring William and Marco performing Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's song "The Girl is Mine." Who will sing Michael's lines and who will do Paul's? I already have a song-fic like it on between two Arthur characters who are rabbits, just search my gallery, it's one of my earliest deviatiions.

So hopefully I and or others will write fanfics about William. And hopefully I'll learn more and enough about him to write the fanfic.

And one of these mice will be angry with me and either try to take me down, or go into my refridgorator and steal our cheese!

Thanks for reading.

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