The Pinkpaws Twins: Penelope and Priscilla Pinkpaws are twin sisters who tease and belittle nearly everyone, sometimes including each other. They are particluary jealous of Angelina for her dancing ability. They also have a new baby brother. Priscilla wears a blue tutu and pointe shoes but wears a purple hair ribbon, and Penelope wears a purple tutu and pointe shoes, but wears a blue hair ribbon. Their family has been shown to be rich. Voiced by Jonell Elliot (UK) and Dionne Quan and Grey DeLisle (US).


The Pinkpaws Twins are very snobby and jealous of Angelina's ballet skills. They would often fight each other. They're both very bratty, but Priscilla seems more snobby than Penelope.


She is the one who wears a light purple ribbon and acts as the show's diva. She usually tells Penelope what to do, and in The Show Must Go On, it is shown that Priscilla is a great singer. Priscilla is Angelina's main rival.


She is Priscilla's twin sister, and mainly does what she does, but in some episodes Penelope seems to take charge.



  • Mrs. Pinkpaws
  • Mr. Pinkpaws
  • Phunella (older cousin)
  • Unnamed baby brother


  • Sammy Watts (sometimes)
  • Alice (sometimes)
  • Angelina (sometimes)
  • Henry (sometimes)
  • Alica (sometimes)


  • Miss Chalk
  • Miss Lilly


  • Sammy Watts (sometimes)
  • Alice (sometimes)
  • Angelina (sometimes)
  • Henry (sometimes)
  • Alica (sometimes)


  • Both twins sometimes end up losing the lead role in a ballet to Angelina. But in The Show Must Go On, Angelina lost the lead to Priscilla. Priscilla has competed with Angelina in getting the lead a few more times than Penelope.

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