Replace this text by writing your article here! Mr. Ivor Operatski is a famous musician and director who appears in The Show Must Go On and an episode of Series 2 called 'The Proposal'. He appears at first as an authoritative and short-tempered perfectionist who has little patience for mouslings, but Angelina helped him to show a warmer side to his angry personality, even going so far as to dress up as Father Christmas to get Henry to focus on his performance and atone for his shouting at him.

In 'The Proposal', Angelina mistakenly thinks that he intends to marry Miss Lilly. Owing to his gruff exterior, she deliberately tries to sabotage their meetings, only to discover that he had really intended to build a new theatre and wanted to ask Miss Lilly if the mouslings could perform at its opening ceremony!

Mrs Hodgepodge is a great fan of his works.


  • Both his voice actor, Derek Jacobi, and Angelina's voice actor, Finty Williams, have had roles in Doctor Who.