Cinderella Mouse And the Ugly Whiskers is a Cinderella story performed in The Show Must Go On. It is not only a ballet, but a musical as well. In this story, Cinderella is a wonderful singer. Cinderella's stepmother, the Wicked Stepmouse, sings in the story as well.

In the Movie

Angelina wanted to play the role of Cinderella Mouse in the ballet but to her dismay, she had to sing to get the role because there was not only dancing in the show, but there was also singing too. Priscilla landed the lead because of her beautiful singing voice. Angelina tried to steal the role from her, but she quits after getting into trouble for trying to play Cinderella. The role of the Wicked Stepmouse was given to Miss Lilly, but she ends up with a sprained ankle, so Angelina was given back the role of the Wicked Stepmouse. But then she decides to get over it and play the part of the Wicked Stepmouse, and in the musical, she ends up doing good. She even performs a lively song and dance.


  • Cinderella Mouse (Priscilla)
  • Fairy Godmouse (Penelope)
  • Beetle/Coachmouse (Henry)
  • Prince Charmmouse (William)
  • Gymnastic Ugly Whiskers (Alice and Sammy)
  • Wicked Stepmouse (Angelina, then Miss Lilly, then Angelina again)

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