Angelina's Surprise is an episode of the original series.


It starts with Angelina Mouseling climbing all the way up a tree, but notices nobody is paying any attention to her and then she sees that instead they are paying attention to The Pinkpaws Twins because they have a new baby brother. Angelina is mad and acts up, and is in a sulk at ballet class the next day. Priscilla and Penelope accuse her of being jealous, and she kind of is, but despite what the twins think, she is jealous for the attention, not the baby, and, so that people will pay attention to her, she announces (falsely) that the Mouseling family are going to have a baby too. She then overhears Miss Lilly talking on the phone about a surprise party for "the baby" and gets worried. Alice Nimbletoes phones and tells Angelina there is going to be a party and "guess who it's all for". Angelina says "I know" and hangs up. She then tries to tell Maurice Mouseling, who is fixing his car, what happened, but he doesn't hear. Mrs. Mouseling is shopping for cheese and bread, and Angelina tries unsuccessfully to tell her. Miss Lilly meets the Mouseling ladies outside, and says that Mrs. Mouseling looks radiant but shouldn't be carrying heavy loads in her "condition". This leaves Mrs.Mouseling confused, and then Mrs. Mouseling says that Mrs. Hodgepodge has broken her leg, causing Angelina to fake having broken her leg. While faking having broken her leg, Angelina asks her mother what the difference between a lie and an exaggeration is. Mrs. Mouseling replies that an exaggeration is making something seem bigger, whereas a lie is saying something that is not true. Doctor Tuttle can't find a break/sprain/fracture, so Angelina is allowed to come to the party, where she announces that she lied and the Mouselings are not expecting a baby. Everyone is surprised, because the party is actually for the Pinkpaws' brother. She explains it, and Mrs. Mouseling talks about the look on Mr. Mouseling's face. Angelina then says that she will not tell any more lies, (but may exaggerate).